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Welcome to ZOO HTML5

Jorge Guevara - Monday, March 29, 2010

Today we launched the beta version of ZOO HTML5. For those who are new to ZOO, our previous site was a full flash experience which we loved.  However, as an interactive agency who specializes in technology, we had to showcase some of our skillz. The new site is a combination of HTML5 & CSS3 with a lot of bells and whistles. Take a look around experience for your self what HTML5 can do first hand.

Do not get this post wrong we are not on the hate flash band wagon.  We use flash daily and love it. We only converted our site to HTML5 simply because we can and because it's the future of online businesses. Flash will always have it's part of the web and is a great tool for specific applications. However, and I hate saying this, for websites, HTML5 is definitely going to take over.
We will definitely miss our Flash site.

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