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What makes a good logo?

Jorge Guevara - Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When it comes to seeing a logo that makes you feel a connection to that brand,  what is it about the design that gives that impression?

At Zoo Cre8ive we follow five important design principles when designing brand identities:

1. Describable
2. Memorable
3. Effective without color
4. Scalable i.e. work when just an inch in size
5. Relevant to the industry in question

Points one and two go hand-in-hand, because if you can’t describe what a logo looks like then how will you be able to remember it?

Point number three is important because color is secondary to the shape and form. I always leave colour to the end of the design process, because if the mark doesn’t work in black only, no amount of color will rescue it.

Point number four is vital for collateral, such as office stationery (pens, pin badges etc.)—all those little things that can easily be overlooked.

Lastly, the design must be relevant for the business it identifies. This is accomplished through indepth research into the industry involved, and helps to differentiate from closely associated competitors.

I’ve chosen one of the new logo designs we worked on to illustrate the five points:

When Conservadores came to Zoo, they had a logo that was very hard to read and would not work as a solid color identity.  Our goal was to create a modern and memorable logo that embodied elements of their original logo but made them more concise.

Below is how the logo looks on the newly designed business cards.

Facebook profile images (below)

What I like about the over all design is the simplicity of the logo. We added 3 stars on the banner to emphasize the republican party which also showcases 3 stars. At the end of the day it is a strong design that will cut through the political clutter. The website we are creating will definitely be a show stopper and will showcase many new technological advancements. Stay tuned for site samples that will be posted later next month.

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